New Zealand Ora King Salmon

4 Delectable Dishes At Cafe@2

Cafe@2 is delighted to offering the extraordinary pleasures of New Zealand Ora King Salmon in four delicious dishes throughout this month.

Easily one of the most desirable breeds of salmon in the world, Ora King are carefully raised in a habitat that meticulously simulates their lifestyle in the wild. “Ora” in New Zealand’s Maori language means “fresh” and “alive”, and the full flavor and richness of the Ora King meat, containing the highest levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, melts in your mouth with a tender and silky texture that feels like tasting a bit of heaven from the sea.

Enjoy 4 exclusive dishes of New Zealand Ora King

Salmon Tartare with Avocado Purée, Cucumber, Green Chives, Chia Seed, Roe, Pepper Mint and Wild Rice Chips THB 520

Marinated Ora Salmon Carpaccio served with Fresh Fennel Salad, Thai Celery and Lemon Balm Leaves THB 580

Roasted Salmon Fillet, Honey Glazed Cauliflower, Apple Vinegar, Fava Bean and Watercress Salad THB 1,020

Salmon Fillet Confit in Olive Oil, Served with Crispy Black Olive Crust, Smoked Eggplant, Pomegranate, Coconut Sauce and Fresh Dill THB 1,150

These special dishes are served daily at Cafe@2 for dinner (18:00 – 10:30 hrs.) during 1-31 August 2019.

Seafood Weekends Lunch Buffet

Weekdays | 18:00 - 22:00 hrs.

Cafe@2 celebrates the treasures of the sea with delicious additions to our sumptuous buffet served every weekend. Delectable and healthy, a lavish variety of seafood now awaits you and the family!

This lavish feast begins with all the ingredients to make an incredible Market Garden Salad, alongside a playful selection of Small Bites such as Salmon Poke with Green Mango or Crab Apple Cocktail with Pomegranate Dressing, and of course everyone’s favorite Assorted Sushi and Sashimi as well as savory Peking Duck.

Your most exquisite seafood dreams are brought to the buffet with a rich Oyster Bar, Poached Prawns on Ice, Caviar, Crabs, Black Shell Dutch Mussels served with a variety of condiments and creams, Scallops and  the king of the sea, perfectly prepared Lobster. But don’t pass up our catch of the day for fresh fish cooked to your liking, whether steamed, grilled, fried or wok-fried.

THB 1950++ (2295.15 net) per person (Dis 20% 1877.85 net)

THB 3000++(3531 net) per person (inclusive of free flow beverage, sparkling wines, beer)



A Classy and Comfortable

Weekdays | 18:00 - 22:00 hrs.

The concept of our new menu’s dishes is based on the gastronomic truism that simplicity is tasty. Using excellent ingredients, we can actually cook with less seasoning while keeping the natural flavors vibrant. Our chef creates every dish, with the knowledge gained from his deep experience, to inspire diners with every bite. Reflecting the entire experience of staying at Conrad Bangkok, our guests enjoy an inspiring experience submerging yourself in authenticity, whether culinary or cultural. Diners can savor every dish like a work of art, designed exquisitely, directly from the heart. It is an eye-feeding experience as well. The epicurean journey is complete with selected fine wines that perfectly compliment every dish. Lastly, and importantly, all our new dishes are served at a reasonable price.

The new 3-course set menu at Cafe@2 is offered for only THB 1,200 ++ (THB 1,412.40 net) and offers diners some incredible choices, specially created by our inspired chefs, as well as fine and lovely wines from around the world.

International Buffet Lunch

Daily | 11:30 - 14:30 hrs.

Great quality dining is always in order and the place to find it is a lavish international buffet lunch at Café@2 in Conrad Bangkok.

We are serving up the very best dishes of the world for your enjoyment, prepared just how you like them! It will be hard to get enough of this all-you-can-eat international feast, even while there is more than enough for an afternoon of culinary indulgence.

With everything your palate adores, from authentic Thai food to an incredible selection of pasta sauces, this may just before your daily dinner stopover. But just wait until you come to the seafood station where some of the real dining pleasure begins! Ultra fresh and chosen for succulence, the shellfish and fish on offer here will simply delight you and certainly satisfy you.

Of course, you must not forget to saunter over to the tempting desserts station where you will discover some inspired treats, including delicious Thai desserts and excellent baked goods offered every day.

The International Buffet Lunch is priced at

Monday – Friday: THB 1,250++ (THB 1,471.25 net) per person
Saturday – Sunday: THB 1,950++ (THB 2295.15 net) per person

Pre-purchase your dining vouchers now at our online store and enjoy up to 20% off*.

*Terms and conditions apply.


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Great Thai Food and Fantastic Service

Went here for a late lunch (~1:30 PM), and restaurant was very quiet. Staff kindly recommended us local specialties that every tourist should try, and pointed out their Buy 1 Get 1 promotion. Pricey, but overall a great experience.

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