Seasonal Dishes Make a Delicious Meal

At Deli by Conrad

When a dish is perfect, every delicious ingredient complements each other with the scrumptiousness and sense of fine dining that our chefs at Deli by Conrad create with a passion. Our highlighted ingredient of the season is chocolate, a taste so appreciated through the centuries and extremely popular around the world.

These special seasonal dishes are available at Deli by Conrad every day, 08:00 – 20:00.

Wild Rocket Salad with Plums and Mango, with Shredded Duck and an Orange, Chocolate Pink Peppercorn Dressing is only THB 240 ++.

Beef, Stout, Chocolate and Pepper Pie, accompanied by a Conrad Deli Saladis THB 280 ++.

Cheesecake Week

At Deli by Conrad

True gourmands have traveled the world, trying the cheesecake in every city they have come to, searching for the ultimate taste experience in cheesecake. At Deli by Conrad, we have discovered the secret to perfection in cheesecake on 24 – 30 July, is the perfect time to come over and try it.

This is an event to bring the children too, as well — starting them out early in the love of cheesecake is definitely good parenting!

Price: THB 140 net/piece

New! Mango Coconut Cake

At Deli by Conrad

Discovering a new taste is doubly pleasurable when the taste is so sweet and delicious! Some of the real treasures of Thailand are its mangos and coconuts. Our new dessert, Mango Coconut Cake, is such a perfectly light and creamy treat. Drop by Deli at Conrad with the family and enjoy the best fruit of the tropics in a cake everyone will love. This will be a memory of Thailand to take home with you.

Price: THB 150 net/piece   |   THB 800 net/pound

New Dessert! Baba Rum Mascarpone Cream

At Deli by Conrad

For the true lover of desserts, Deli by Conrad has created precisely the recipe that will delight even the most experienced sweet tooth, our new Baba Rum Mascarpone Cream.

A small cake saturated in rum, covered with thick mascarpone cream, and a bit of fruit on top that delivers a fabulous experience that will send you to a heaven of indulgence.  Baba Rum Mascarpone Cream will be a delicious highlight of your stay for the whole family.

Price: THB 160 net/piece   |   THB 800 net/pound

Delicious New Pastry, the Hazelnut Cream Financier

At Deli by Conrad, Conrad Bangkok

The classic little French cake, popular for centuries. After trying this mouthwatering perfection, you feel that you have discovered gold. Everything in these wonderful little cakes comes together almost magically and it is impossible to stop at only one.

Hazelnut Cream Financier is precisely the kind of treat you would like to have around the house for the whole family to enjoy. But come by and try one out first.

Price: THB 150 net/piece   |   THB 800 net/pound

Delicious New Raspberry Macaroons

At Deli by Conrad, Conrad Bangkok

Things are getting colorful at Deli by Conrad. Things are also going to be more delicious that ever with our inspired new Raspberry Macarons.

These light and tasty little confections have become beloved around the world and it is so easy to discover why that is, once you’ve tried them! Made from meringue, the macaron nearly melts on your tongue in sheer pleasure.
We’ll be sure to save enough for you.

Price: THB 150 net/piece

Introducing the New White Chocolate Raspberry

At Deli by Conrad, Conrad Bangkok

Creamy white chocolate meets the sweet and tart taste of raspberry in our newest creation at Deli by Conrad. The fabulous White Chocolate Raspberry is very likely to start your taste buds singing with sheer pleasure.

Light enough to be the perfect treat on a happy afternoon of your choosing, the rich creaminess also complements a cup of tea superbly. You may never go back to your old favorites again once you have tasted this, because you will have found a new love.

Price: THB 150 net/piece   |   THB 800 net/pound

New! Mango Cheese Cake

At Deli by Conrad, Conrad Bangkok

Discovering a new taste is doubly pleasurable when the taste is so sweet and delicious! Some of the real treasures of Thailand are its mangos. Our new dessert, Mango Cheese Cake, is such a perfectly light and creamy treat. Drop by Deli at Conrad with the family and enjoy the best fruit of the tropics in a cake everyone will love. This will be a memory of Thailand to take home with you.

Price: THB 150 net/piece   |   THB 800 net/pound

Seasonal Menu - Free Range Chicken

At Deli by Conrad, Conrad Bangkok

The relaxing Deli by Conrad are offering scrumptious free range chicken in a variety of tasty dishes. The healthy dishes at Deli by Conrad, such as Northern Thai Curry Coconut Curry Noodle Soup with Chicken and Home Smoked Chicken Sandwiches served on Sourdough Bread, also feature free range chicken — and there are many more to enjoy!


Free range chicken will be featured throughout May and June 2018

  • Northern Thai Coconut Curry Noodle Soup With Chicken THB 290++
  • Home Smoked Chicken Sandwiches Served On Sourdough Bread THB 290++
  • Free Range Minced Chicken With Basil, Mint, Coriander And Crispy Rice In Lettuce THB 250++
  • Buttermilk Fried Free Range Chicken Burger THB 300++
  • Caesar Salad With Chicken Breast THB 380++
  • Chicken Wings With Garlic Sauce And Steamed Rice With Fried Egg THB 230++

All-New Afternoon Tea

Deli by Conrad

Diplomat Bar proudly presents our all-new Afternoon Tea set including lavish offerings of both delicious savory treats and sweet delights. Imported and top quality dishes, along with Petite Fours, Profiteroles, and so much more, are perfectly complemented by the world’s finest teas.  Enjoy an intimate gathering or some alone time to unwind in Bangkok’s most sophisticated venue, served 14:30 – 17:00 hrs, daily.

THB 430++ per person
THB 790++ per couple
and an additional THB 270 net for our fabulous Fondue selection

Halloween Specials

At Deli by Conrad and Diplomat Bar Conrad Bangkok

An exciting Halloween celebration calls for some extra special eats! Whether you are planning a delectable evening out or organizing a fun party at your home or office, with your friends or for the kids, you will definitely wish to sink your teeth into some Halloween mood food. Both our Deli by Conrad and Diplomat Bar will be serving just the right dishes and treats to make this a memorable year.

Halloween is always fun for the kids, but grown-ups love it too. Our Pastry Chef at Deli by Conradhas created some sweet and spooky treats that will thrill and delight the whole bunch. Whole cakes are available as well as individual sizes, in flavors and with fantastic shapes, such as the Skull Chocolate Pound Cake and Pumpkin Spooky Cake, Brownie Coffin, Red Velvet Cheesecake and many more that will turn your get-together into Halloween adventure, available from 25th October until 31stOctober.

On 31st October at Diplomat Bar, the quintessential venue for relaxed sophistication and comfort, experience an entire menu of tantalizing dishes created especially for Halloween, including an irresistible dessert that just might steal your soul as well as your taste buds!

Deviled Chicken

Spiced Fried Boneless Chicken Wings in Hot Sauce, Blue Vein Dip   THB 290++


Coconut Crumb white Sea Prawn Dumplings  THB 680++

Pumpkin Lantern

Crab and nori Pumpkin Soup   THB 180++

Back in Black

Black Angus Burger in a Charcoal Bun with Cheddar and Homemade Tomato Chutney        THB 490++

From the Deep

Crisp fried scallops with a sticky tamarind glaze         THB 520++

Bat Pops

Strawberries, Marshmallows and Chocolate     THB 680++

Seasonal Ingredient: Coconut

At Deli by Conrad and City Terrace Pool Restaurant

Coconut is one of the world’s most favorite ingredients and it offers an incredible versatility. Every way it is served is absolutely delectable. Whether enjoyed raw right out of the shell, cooked into a marvelous dessert or even preserved, its unique flavor and texture add something that seems to improve every dish.

Good for the digestive system, with a rich and satisfying taste, we have devoted October 2018 to coconut. Throughout the entire month, while coconut is in season and at its very best, delicious and healthy coconut is our highlighted ingredient at Conrad Bangkok.

We have prepared the most delectable sweet and savory coconut experience for our guests in two divine dishes at both our comfortable Deli by Conrad and our relaxed open-air City Terrace Pool Restaurant. You have all month to come by and try them, but once you have, the whole family will be hearing about it until you bring them too!

Mango Panna Cotta with Mango Gelee
This special seasonal dessert offers your palate its dream treat, sweet coconut cream with a rich taste that lingers on your tongue until it begs for more, along with a delicate mango gelee, topped with more refreshing and chewy coconut.

Price: THB 160 ++
Available at Deli by Conrad throughout the month of October 2018

Tom Yum Goong – Served in Whole Coconut
The famous Thai soup, a spicy lemongrass broth made with rich coconut milk and the added accent of coriander, is a heavenly combination that is so scrumptious and filling. Serving it in whole makes it one of the most delicious, and healthiest, dishes you will enjoy this year.
Price: THB 460 ++
Available at Deli by Conrad and City Terrace Pool Restaurant throughout the month of October 2018


by Conrad
The Conrad Bangkok hotel's informal Deli by Conrad offers a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of homemade sandwiches and light snacks. Enjoy breakfast with fresh coffee and rejuvenating fruit juices before setting off for sightseeing, business or simple relaxation. Unwind with family and friends at lunchtime and select from an array of healthy sandwiches, delicious cakes and tempting pastries.

Reviews from our Customers

Great afternoon tea

Had cheese cake with tea. The cheese cake is amazing... Smooth and creamy.. They have many pretty design for chocolate too. Too bad they do not have my favourite chocolate eclair.

Meeting place

Very cosy place in four seasons mall. Good menu, well priced and relatively quiet. Eggs benedict is delicious and served through the day. Americano was better than starbucks, which is on first floor