Present the KiSara sms to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine.

Let your palate’s imagination roam over weekday lunch time of fresh sushi and sashimi, char-grilled Saba or traditional Unagi Hitsumabushi at KiSara.

  • Saba Shioyaki / Teriyaki Set                                                       THB 580++

Char-Grilled mackerel – salt or teriyaki sauce served with simmered dish, salad, egg and chicken custard, steamed Uruchimai rice miso soup, Japanese style pickles and dessert.

  • Unagi Hitsumabushi Set                                                               THB 680++

Sliced grilled fresh water eel served with egg omelet and Shiso leaves on a bed of steam Uruchimai rice, assorted sashimi, salad, egg custard, miso soup, pickles and dessert.

  • Sushi Sashimi Set                                                                            THB 780++

Chef’s selection of sushi and sashimi served with simmered dish, salad, egg and chicken, buckwheat noodle soup and dessert.


Authentic yet inventive, KiSara Japanese Restaurant offering lovers of Japanese cuisine the authentic taste of Japan according to seasonal variation.

As spring succeeds summer, KiSara is launching three new premium delicacies from summer favorite ingredient – Hamo or Pike Conger Sea Eel – to inspire dynamic dishes offered throughout 1-10 August 2019. KiSara Japanese Chef bring out the very best qualities in Japanese cuisine and the most exquisitely mouthwatering tastes.

Hamo no Yubiki THB 1,050++

Porched hamo pike conger sea eel with plum and miso pesto

Hamo Kaminabe THB 1,050++

Hamo pike conger sea Eel and Vegetables with ginger and bonito soup in kaminabe or traditional Japanese paper hotpot

Hamo Tempura THB 1,050++

Available daily for lunch & dinner at KiSara Japanese Restaurant during 1-10 August 2019.

For reservation, please call (+66)0 2690 9999 or e-mail bkkci.info@conradhotels.com.

KiSara restaurant is open for lunch daily from 11:30 –14:30 hrs and for dinner 18:00 –10:30 hrs on the 3rd floor of Conrad Bangkok. Visit us on www.relishbangkok.com/ kisara-02/ and find us on www.facebook.com/conradbangkokhotel

July at KiSara Japanese Restaurant will be a month for the delicious Unagi or Freshwater Eel, served on a tray of delightful selections that offer you the perfect moment to share this delectable experience with friends, family and colleagues.

The mild flavor of freshwater eel becomes bold and rich when grilled, with such a perfect combination of sweetness and saltiness that the Japanese say that even the rising smoke from grilled Unagi infused over a dish of rice makes a delicious meal!

Doyou No Ushi Unagi Gozen, Unagi Freshwater Eel Lunch Tray Set THB 860++ per person

Tokujyou Unagi Kagoshima Premium Freshwater Eel Set THB 2,500++ per person

The most delightful tastes of authentic Japanese cuisine brought together in a delicious Sashimi and Teppanyaki Lunch Set, perfect for a casual business lunch or cozy meal with family, friends or colleagues.

Start your culinary journey with Otsukuri Moriawase, the chef’s favorite selection of the freshest and highest quality sashimi, and enjoy a Japanese-style lunch set where you can choose from a savory menu of teppanyaki dishes, featuring US Black Angus Beef, Seafood Moriawase, King Salmon and Kurobuta. These delicious creations will satsify the cravings of the most discerning gourmand! All is served with Potato Salad, Chawan Mushi and other traditional Japanese sides, as well as desserts that will put a joyful smile on your face for the rest of the day!


Now – 30 June 2019

Only THB 1,000++ per set


The entire month of June brings top quality Hida beef to our authentic KiSara Japanese Restaurant, in a choice of two delicious courses with specially selected sake pairing that offer you the perfect opportunity to share this delectable experience with friends, family and colleagues.

Hida beef, or Hidagyu, is among the finest varieties of beef in Japan. To qualify, it must be of a certain black breed of cattle which thas been raised in Gifu Prefecture for at least 14 months and certified Grade A or B by the Hida Beef Brand Promotion Conference. The meat is easily recognized by its uniquely thorough and beautiful marbling, which gives the meat a moist and succulent texture, flavoring bite after bite in rich layers of tender ecstasy. The taste and aroma are distinctly intense and pleasurable, making Hida beef one of the most famous and sought after dishes in the world.

Hidagyu Kaminabe Course (Hida Beef Kaminabe Paper Hotpot) at THB 3,500++ per person

Pairing is available with the Chef’s recommended Sake, Zaku Megumi no Tomo at THB 1900++ per bottle (720 ml).

Hidagyu Teppanyaki Course (Hida Beef Teppanyaki) at THB 4,500++ per person

Pairing is available with the Chef’s recommended Sake, Shirataki Jozen Mizunogotoshi at THB 3200++ per bottle (720 ml)

The new re-opening of KiSara, after our renovation, also comes with some long-awaited culinary delights, and one of the most delicious is definitely the Kuroge Wagyu Hidagyu Houbayaki. Every gourmand in the world knows wagyu beef, the highest quality meat available in Japan. And no one who enjoys fine quality steak should go without trying it.

With a grading of A5, this is the highest quality beef found anywhere. Special care is taken with every single animal to produce such incredibly tender and well-marbled meat, and some of the techniques are still kept secret, giving rise to various rumors ranging from massage to diets of beer!

In KiSara this extraordinary beef siroin is thinly sliced and, to ensure that you are absolutely satisfied, it is cooked table-side in Houba leaf and sweet miso till the mouthwatering allure is too much to stand and you simply must enjoy it right away.

An experience such is this must be shared, so do bring the right company with you, with whom you love to share the best things in life.

Kuroge Wagyu Hidagyu Houbayaki is served with vegetables and available now and onwards in our re-opened KiSara Japanese Restaurant, for only THB 2500 ++, per person.

Buri yellowtail is one of the most delectable meats in the world and highly cherished on any table in the world of Japanese cuisine. A marvelous item in our new menu, KiSara Restaurant in Conrad Bangkok prepares it in a delightful way that your palate will long remember.

Buri is the name given to wild yellowtail. It is most remarkable for, and derives its gastronomic fame from, its incredibly delicate and fatty texture which is so soft that it literally melts in the mouth, much more tender than regular yellowtail.

Truly among the most exquisite of tastes, rich and buttery, KiSara serves it thinly sliced with fresh vegetables. Cooked to perfection right at your table-side, it is served in a wood box in traditional japanese style.

Buri Seiromushi is available now at THB 820 ++

Some of the best news in the culinary world of Bangkok is the new re-opening of KiSara Japanese Restaurant in Conrad Bangkok and the new menu items the city’s discerning gourmands have long anticipated. Our new dishes, designed by our famous Chef Kenji Shindo, will certainly not disappoint.

The high quality Hokkaido Kuroge Wagyu has an excellent Grade of A3 and is a superb beef sirloin to enjoy just the way we serve it at KiSara, thinly sliced, with a selection of grilled vegetables to compliment the exquisite taste and extremely tender texture of this incredible meat.

Mark your calender with the best day to come by with friends and family, as Kuroge Wagyu Hokkaidogyu Schichirinyaki  is a culinary experience everyone should have at least once in their life.

Kuroge Wagyu Hidagyu Houbayaki is served for only THB 2,000 ++ per person.

A little journey of mouthwatering pleasure awaits you in this new addition to the menu of newly re-opened KiSara Japanese Restaurant, Kaisen Shabu Shabu, available now.

An inspired combination of every one of the sea’s most delicious treasures, Kaisen Shabu Shabu is served in a traditional claypot and cooked right at your table-side while your taste buds tingle with anticipation of a memorable dining experience.

This marvelous dish contains your favorite seafood delights, with tasty Tiger Prawn and always-delicate snow fish. And that’s not all. You will also discover the “wagyu of the sea”, Ora King Salmon and wonderful Hokkaido Scallops as well as delicious fresh vegetables.

Kaisen Shabu Shabu is available now and onwards at KiSara Japanese Restaurant.

Price: THB 1,200 ++

A sheer delight to the palate of even the most discerning of diners is now on the menu of KiSara since our long-awaited re-opening, and it is just waiting to be tasted! Tarabagani Kaminabe has a beautiful presentation and offers some tastes that your palate will long thank you for.

Tarabagani Kaminabe is made in an elegant Kami-nabe paper hotpot, a fascinating secret of the art of Japanese cusine. The technique uses a special kind of very thickly woven paper to ensure that it stays dry while the soup is cooked.

Superb King crab and vegetables in ginger, with bonito soup, make this the perfect comfort dish and a pleasure to enjoy for either lunch or dinner. Its impressive appearance is also the perfect treat for an intimate date or a meeting with colleagues.

Tarabagani Kaminabe is served from now onwards for only THB 1,200 ++ per person.

Now that KiSara Japanese Restaurant in Conrad Bangkok has re-opened, our delectable new dishes are finally available. Designed by our acclaimed Chef Kenji Shindo, they are absolutely tantalizing. Our new US Black Angus Beef Sukiyaki is definitely worth a trip downtown to KiSara for the whole family, or even the entire office!

Sukiyaki is one of Japan’s most well-known traditional dishes and its history stretches back for hundreds of years. The popular simmering pot of meat and vegetables has not lost any fans over time, and being enjoyed around the world has also introduced the art of sukiyaki to some extremely savory ingredients.

Cooked in sweet soy, the 180 g of thinly sliced USDA certified black Agnus beef ribeye added to this marvelous dish, cooked table-side in an iron pan, is some of the very best beef from the States, with the rich taste that has made Angus beef so beloved. Even bettter, the compliment of vegetables from Iowa, in the USA, turns our sukiyaki into a hearty meal everyone will enjoy.

US Black Angus Beef Sukiyaki is served from now onwards for only THB 1,840 ++ per person.

The much anticipated re-opening of KiSara Japanese Restaurant in Conrad Bangkok brings with it some extremely delicious dishes. Kaisen Kamameshi is one of our very favorite additions and will soon be one of yours.

A delicately savory dish best described as a Japanese-style risotto, Kaisen Kamameshi is made with tantalizing queen crab, prawn, scallop, tender snowfish, Ora King Salmon which is known as the “wagyu of the sea”, and roe.

Our Master Chef has expressed the heights of his inspired talents with KiSara’s new dishes and we have no doubt that you will enjoy ther new menu as much as we hope.

Kaisen Kamameshi is available now onwards at KiSara Japanese Restaurant.

Price: THB 1,000 ++

KiSara’s world-famous chef Kenji Shindo brings together top quality ingredients and his expert skills in flawless preparation create one of our most popular signature dishes. Kama-meshi, a “Japanese-style Risotto”, is served steaming hot and delicious in a traditional rice pot, including queen crab prawn, scallop, snow fish and salmon roe.

Price starts from THB 600++

Chef Masami Inoue brings in over 10 years of culinary experience to the outlet with influences from Tokyo, Hong Kong, France to mention a few.KiSara hosts a large sushi counter, a teppan counter for up to 20 guests, four private rooms and plenty of public area tables.

Not-to-Miss menus range from Chef Selection Teppeanyaki Course –Premium beef, Lobster and seafood.

Meet our Chefs

Chef Masami Inoue

Chef Kenji Shindo


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